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At Braelight, our business is your development. We offer efficient, effective and dynamic training and coaching for individuals, companies and public institutions.

With many years of experience and a methodology developed by and tested with researchers, Braelight is the optimal choice for those who want to become leaders.

“Irene delivered the most engaging and effective presentation on problem solving that we have hosted to date.  Feedback from all delegates was extremely positive.”

 Aberdeen City Council

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Some of our most popular programmes and courses are:


It is a reality that fewer women are in senior management positions than men and that the corporate world is a difficult environment for women who have the ambition to reach positions of power. This programme is designed to guide women in businesses and institutions through the steps they need to take to gain an in-depth knowledge of the systems they are navigating. We will support them through the process of building their confidence and train them in tools and techniques they can use to pull themselves towards their goals.


What do you think you are capable of? Are you underselling yourself? How do others perceive you? And how does that affect your success? This workshop answers these questions. We bring employees and entrepreneurs through the process of identifying their positive, exploitable qualities and maximising these assets to create a ‘work persona’. We also help attendees to understand how to use positive and negative external perceptions of them to benefit their business and their career progression.


This workshop is designed to significantly improve the way you give presentations to colleagues, clients, the public and the media. Attendees always leave these highly practical sessions feeling more confident and carrying useful, easy-to-implement tools. This workshop can also be tailored for groups of non-native English speakers.


Interviewing can be terrifying for interviewees and a difficult skill to develop for interviewers. At Braelight, we have years of experience coaching and training both sides of the interview equation. We offer several stages of mock interviews, practical advice on every aspect of the interview, and highly-detailed feedback, building the confidence of our participants and improving their performance over a short period of time.


Strategic networking is at the core of successful business. In the global, multicultural environment in which we work, every social situation is a chance for business to be done and tactical partnerships to be built. This workshop coaches attendees through managing social situations and offers a variety of techniques for benefitting from any interpersonal interaction.


A problem can take many shapes. Your company may have lost clients, the competition may have come up with an innovative product, you may be thinking of rebranding, you may not know how best to enter the international market… For every hurdle, there are a myriad of potential solutions that can help your business grow. In this workshop, we handle real business problems with efficient and creative problem-solving tools.


From management coaching and career/life success coaching to mentorship packages and bespoke skills training, Braelight offers practical, hands-on training and coaching to suit any employer’s needs.



Braelight can support individuals, groups or teams through coaching to make positive changes to performance in the workplace or in lifestyle choices. Coaching puts you, your aspirations and your well-being at the centre and helps you identify the most appropriate strategy to move forward, which often cannot be addressed through training courses or programmes. Braelight offers a range of different options for coaching but we can also work with you or your organisations to create a bespoke package to suit you/your business needs.



•Individual one-off coaching session.

•Coaching mini-package consisting of 3 face-to-face sessions and online follow-up support.

•Cohort coaching: working with a group of colleagues to help address a specific challenge or individuals can join a cohort to work with a coach and benefit from peer-to-peer support.

•Tailor-made programmes.

"I was caught up in the stress of managing a very complex project and, as time went by, I found myself stalled in my career and my performance. Lucy's coaching was a revolution. She helped me voice what it is I want and plan how to achieve it, and now, only months later, my life and my career are exactly where I want them to be."

Previous client, high-level manager at a UK-based company.



•For individuals interested in enhancing their confidence, performance, fitness, well-being and lifestyle choices. Contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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