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Braelight’s only focus is helping future leaders reach their potential. Our experience and expertise centre on leadership development for three groups of clients: academics, entrepreneurs and others working within the private sector. We pay particular attention to the development of female leadership, and we have repeatedly carried talented individuals toward progress and success in their careers. No fuss, no lingo. Just efficient, designed-by-researchers, high-impact training and coaching that can help anyone strategically move forwards.

"I was very sceptical about skills training and coaching before working with Braelight. However, my interview coaching and presentation skills training were so effective and to the point that both skills improved dramatically in just a few hours."

Dr Declan Taggart, researcher at University of Stockholm. 



I lead a double life: I am a researcher and I am a skills developer. This has put me in a unique position to offer specialised leadership development for researchers at universities, along with exclusive coaching for entrepreneurs and others working for businesses or institutions who want to maximise their potential.


I have high-level experience of developing researcher skills and a proven track record in helping academics progress, whether in their academic careers or in stepping successfully into the private sector. I have worked with managers and ambitious employees in companies all over Europe, as well as with entrepreneurs in the early stages of their enterprise. I take pride in the development of ultra-efficient training using effective, practical self-designed methodologies and in the delivery of engaging, honest training.


I am passionate about aiding women with reaching their career goals.



The discovery of the creative possibilities of the human mind is my goal in life. Thus, my career has been nurtured within two such different spheres as art and the business world.

In the purely literary field, I have written five novels, four of which are published by Spanish publishers. For theatre and cinema, I have completed five scripts which have already been released. My paintings and designs go along with my passion for storytelling, supplementing it and giving it a new dimension.

This understanding of the art world has led me to delve into a new way of presenting ideas and achieving goals, an original system that aims to elegantly and efficiently help companies stand out in the global market and develop their possibilities to the fullest.

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